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I know vinyl contains chlorine, but there are also non chlorinated vinyl alternatives and it can be hard to tell what type something is.  Also, I'd like to be able to test other materials that I'm not sure about.  So, is there some sort of test I can do to make sure my materials don't contain chlorine?

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You can do something called the copper wire test.  

You will need a small length of copper wire, a torch, and some pliers or other tool to hold the wire with.

Heat the wire up until it is glowing hot.  Then touch the wire to the material you want to test.  This will cause a small amount of the material to melt onto the wire.  Finally, place the wire back into the flame.

If the flame turns green, there is chlorine in the material you are testing.  If it is orange or red then there is no chlorine or only trace amounts of chlorine present.
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