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What is a "frame slop" error?

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A Frame Slop error means you are trying to Cut/Etch outside of where the laser head can go.  This often happens when you have a very large item you are working on, or if you start your item in the middle of the machine instead of the lower right hand corner. It can also happen if what you are trying to cut/etch is outside of the machine parameters in your software.

Think of the laser bed as a grid (remember math x, y co-ordinates). You manually move the laser head to where you want x, y (0, 0) co-ordinates. For the CamFive, setting the laser as far to the right and forward as it will physically go provides for the largest cutting area. However, the second part of this is that you need to know where your software has x, y (0, 0) set and position your graphic close to that spot.
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Thanks for this clear explanation!
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