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Why is there a min and max power?

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asked Oct 22 by jimmit (4,090 points)
Why does laser cutter software have a min and a max power setting?  In other words, why isn't there just one value for power?

1 Answer

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answered Nov 17 by jimmit (4,090 points)
The min and max power setting provides a range of power for the laser to work within.  Many times the machine will need to move the head at a speed other than what you specified.  The most common reason for this is to change direction, for example, when cutting a corner. If the min and max power are set the same the laser will continue to output the same power even when traveling at a different speed.  Providing a min and max power allows the laser to reduce the power down to the minimum whenever it needs to reduce the speed, allowing it to be more consistent.
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