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Why do I get a frame slop error when my parts are within the area? Using lightburn.

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asked Oct 25 by jimmit (3,940 points)
Hi, I'm using Lightburn with an X700 clone.  My work area is 700x500 mm and the parts I'm trying to cut are 650x300 mm.  My origin is set to the top left of the workspace and I can job the laser head all the way to my origin plus my work dimensions without any problem yet I still get a frame slop error when I try to start the job.  Any ideas?

1 Answer

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answered Oct 25 by jimmit (3,940 points)
The problem ended up being objects that were outside of the work area but were marked hidden and not as output.  Apparently even if they are not set to output they are still downloaded to the controller?  Or at least affect the output sent to the controller in some way.  After deleting those objects everything was A-OK.  I think moving them inside the workspace would have been fine too.
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